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What's Your BurnRate?

How many of us are looking for the right way to stay fit that is empowering, requires the least amount of time and has proven results despite our age or limitations? This is exactly why we founded BurnRate Fitness - for our lives and our community. Interval training is scientifically proven to burn the maximum calories during and up to 36 hours after your workout. Whether you are looking to push yourself as an athlete or just looking to be fit and healthy, our program is designed to accomodate each member’s needs independently and foster a team environment to help us all achieve our goals. Isn’t that what a true community is really about?
Fitness & Nutrition Designed Just For You!

Our approach is simple – return results in an optimal amount of time by combining group interval training, ‘real-time’ heart rate monitoring, nutrition planning and group motivation. ‘We Work Out Smarter’ by leveraging technology, science, optimized nutrition and fostering a supportive environment. Our experienced coaches will help you every step of the way while our community of passionate members will be cheering you on. BurnRate is local family owned and operated. Our philosophy is designed to motivate you safely, backed by science and accountability.