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Fitness & Nutrition Redefined for You!

How many of us are looking for the right way to stay fit that is empowering, requires the least amount of time and has proven results despite our age or limitations? Do gyms overwhelm or even intimidate you? Do you struggle with your nutrition? Or do you need REAL accountability & service from your gym? This is exactly why we founded BurnRate Fitness – for our lives and our community! BurnRate Fitness & Nutrition is family owned and loved, and always will be!

Our Mission

EXCELLENCE in service driving member fitness & nutrition results in an optimal amount of time by combining group interval training for all fitness levels and ages. Thoughtful technology, individual nutrition planning and group motivation for all will always drive our member experience focus.

COMPASSION to make fitness & nutrition optimal, accountable, trackable & fun! Our philosophy is designed to motivate members safely, backed by science & care.

DIVERSITY & INTEGRITY in our program & team are key. We will empower all fitness levels & build success plans to enable ALL MEMBERS individually & honestly.



Monday – Friday 5AM-1PM & 4-8PM

Saturday 7AM-12PM

Sunday Closed

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