Feel Some Burn

Our BURN program philosophy of training makes up 75% of our daily classes.

Each workout is very different and motivated by a seasoned trainer. Classes are broken up between Cardio, Strength and Power stations; while a certified trainer leads you through the group 50 minute workout. All of the exercises and movements in our BURN Program can be modified based on your current fitness level.

At the core of the BurnRate Fitness experience is our state-of-the-art heart rate monitoring and reporting. Each class you will see your heart rate real-time on our TV leader board and find your ‘BurnRate’ for optimal performance and maximum calorie burn. Our technology allows you to precisely manage your heart rate and ensure you are training your body and mind in each workout. A workout summary email will be sent to each member after class.


Key to building a sound core foundation and reducing post workout recovery. Our philosophy incorporates group floor and cool down/stretching routines. Everyday life takes its toll on your joints and your posture. Aim to regain your range of motion with our proven methodology.


One of a kind experience with state-of-the-art FreeMotion Treadmills, Ellipticals, Cycles, Arc Trainers & Water Rowers. Get ready to get those heart rates up.


Endless options to accommodate your unique needs and goals. BurnRate leverages many components for our strength and stability training. Designated stations give us options for weight bench exercises, TRX, kettle bells, battle ropes and medicine balls. We motivate you safely and make strength training fun.


All members will have a “Mentor Trainer” and the entire BurnRate team to support your journey. Mindfulness in your daily eating habits are key. We teach sensible meal planning backed by science and designed to feed the ‘whole you’. See Focus Meeting Program details.

Chris Walker
Burn Trainer
  [email protected]

Program Points

  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Nutrition
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