January 24, 2018

Corporate Wellness


What is the BurnRate Corporate Wellness Program?

Our Corporate Wellness philosophy is based on a simple strategy: fitness and nutrition accountability. We are a fitness & nutrition personal service that focuses on individual and group results and is designed to fit our member’s needs, regardless of their limitations. Our program and team are dedicated to motivate members in a group training environment for optimal weight loss and wellness results.

Live Heart Rate Monitoring is key to our philosophy. With real-time heart rate monitoring, we clearly define member fitness and nutrition baseline, goals and achievements. We can summarize and analyze member data – workout by workout, week by week, and month by month. This allows us to have true accountability with our Corporate Wellness Partners and we can tailor the right program for your organization.


Benefits to our Corporate Wellness Partners

Let us show you the BurnRate difference. We are dedicated to our member and partner community, and look forward to building the right Wellness Plan with you.

  • Employee accountability for fitness & nutrition program.
  • Quarterly analysis provided by BurnRate that summarizes member baselines, goals and achievements.
  • Healthier and happier employees translate to fewer healthcare claims. Over the course of six months, BurnRate Fitness will help you quantify this outcome together.
  • Display of your company’s digital advertisement on our 55″ Digital Display in the BurnRate lobby. We will display your advertisement every (20) minutes, for (15) seconds, all day during normal business hours at NO COST to you. Our facility hosts 100-300 members daily.
  • BurnRate Corporate Wellness Partner discounts and rewards.

If you are interested to become a BurnRate Corporate Wellness Partner, please email or call Matt directly.

[email protected]