Program Background

Our Nutrition Program is designed to support all members & their families. Our staff Nutritionist designs safe, effective, fact-based approaches to macro-nutrient foods & meal planning. Effective and optimal nutrition planning based on your needs & goals. Members have access to all benefits from the program and is incorporated as part of your INCLUDED Focus Meeting.

Do you have 50lbs or more to lose? Do you struggle with exercise programs and need real accountability to shed the weight once and for all? Are you intimidated by the gym because of your size? Don’t be afraid any longer, we can help!

You do not need to be a Fitness Member to participate in our Nutrition Program. Our Nutrition Program offers a complete workout-at-home program paired with realistic nutrition goals for three and six month commitments. If you can commit to our program, we guarantee you will see results!

3D Body Scans

Each scan gives you a 3D rendering of your body that identifies your body fat % and trouble areas with 60 unique body circumference measurements. Know exactly the areas that trouble you!

Meal Planning

Simple, fact-based approach to macro-nutrient foods. We identify your optimal macro intake, give you meal plans and grocery lists that are tailored for you! Mindful Eating Program designed to drive lifestyle changes.

Fitness Goals

Endless options to accommodate your unique needs and goals. BurnRate leverages many components for our strength and stability training. Designated stations give us options for weight bench exercises, TRX, kettle bells, battle ropes and medicine balls. We motivate you safely and make strength training fun.


Your “Mentor” Coach is here to inspire and empower you. If you can commit to your program, we can support your efforts optimally and motivate you to achieve more.

Program Director

Reagan Durham


Program Points

• 3D Body Scans

• Meal Planning

• Fitness Goals

• Motivation

What People Say

The entire BurnRate team will ALWAYS be focused on our member’s needs and goals. We are 100% focused on your results and enjoyment.

– Ronie (President)