A comprehensive, common sense program, complete with fun, broad based, whole body & mind programs, compassionate trainers, cheerleaders, coaches, nutritionists, friends, family and the perfect place to bring it all together. That’s what you get at BurnRate. Because wellness takes a village.


Our villagers include trained nutritionists who are always available to support your healthy eating goals and help you stay on track.


Our villagers include trained coaches who are always available to support and motivate and, yes, even push you farther than you ever thought possible.


Our villagers are a family. No really, our members are families, old friends, new friends all with a common goal: to lead a healthy life style and have fun doing it.

Eat, Train, Love is a way of life and about the right village to serve it. It is not a fad, diet plan or “magic pill”. The power to strengthen one’s mind, body and soul comes from within. Healthy lifestyle changes take commitment, accountability and fun to empower your goals. Our Program is designed to support all members and their families regardless of age, body type or fitness level. We meet each member where they are on their wellness journey.

How much motivation and support do you need or want is the real question?


Get ready to burn those calories with our signature interval class… A different workout every day. Our BURN program philosophy of training makes up 75% of our daily classes.

“This place is Amazing. Friendly atmosphere.”      



You don’t need to master the impossible pose! Our yoga is about body awareness, reducing stress, gaining strength, and increasing flexibility. Any good fitness program offers additional benefits by combining the benefits of yoga, cardio, and strength training in one program.

“Burnrate is so much better than your average gym!”      


Fight Fit

A boxing circuit class featuring speed bags, heavy bags, punching mitts & shadow boxing, talk about fun! FIGHT FIT is our signature cardio boxing class.

“Burnrate gets me out of bed in the morning”      



Goals, meal planning, optional tasty prepared meals, and the motivation to get you real tangible results! Nutrition is a key component to any success with regards to fitness, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our time tested step program that includes in gym technology and solid nutritional principles can propel you to new heights in an enjoyable process.

“5 stars! BurnRate fitness has an amazing, friendly, and very knowledgeable staff.”      



Our young athletes are coached through agility, strength, conditioning, and recovery...all in a positive atmosphere. Group of friends who want to work out? We can do that! Keep motivated and have fun working out by sticking together!

“We joined BurnRate when they first opened and love everything about them.”      


1 on 1

Set goals, talk nutrition, & go over your 3D Body Scan measurements in a 1-on-1 meeting with a trainer or nutritionist. If you need the extra push, Max Motivation gives weekly focus meetings for you to keep focused on your goals.

“Has been one of the best places to work out.”      


Healthy Prepared Meals

Proper eating is important to the success of any fitness program. We have combined our nutritional program with in gym delivery of delicious healthy meals for those days when you just don’t have the time to prepare or find good meal options. You now have the choice to eat well, without sacrificing the experience and flavor! It’s all about good choices, and we are here to help you do just that, make good choices!

Putting Technology in the Gym to Work for You

At Burnrate we believe in helping you optimize your time in the gym as much as possible so you have more time to do the things you love. By implementing heart rate monitoring and deploying advanced 3D body scanning we can help you customize fitness and nutrition plans that are perfectly matched to you, ensuring success comes as quickly as possible.